What are the benefits of Fat Burner Coffee?

- Increases metabolism, burns more fat at rest state

- Increase energy

- Reduces and curbs appetite, food cravings


What's inside?

- Green Coffee Bean (natural)

- L Glutamine (found in body)

- L Carnitine (found in body)

- Guarana (natural)

- Plant-based Milk

- Coconut oil (natural)


What does it taste like?

Similar to 2in1 coffee. It is lactose/dairy free!


Recommended Consumption:

- For maximum results: 2 sachets daily (this is also the maximum consumption)

- For maintenance of results: 3-4 times weekly

- If consume daily, please stop after 3 onths for 1 month period before continuing again for better result purposes

- Recommend to drink one sachet in the morning with breakfast, another sachet during lunch or teatime. Avoid drinking it later than 4pm as the caffeine might affect your sleep



Other details: 

- 1 box 15 sachets

- formulated in USA

- manufactured in Singapore

- dairy Free & nut Free

- made from natural compound



Fat Burner Coffee