Skywow卓見 藍莓杞子汁 Blueberry and Goji Berry Juice 80ml (30包)


Skywow卓見® 藍莓杞子汁

分量:80ml (30包)

– 高花青素,加促「視紫質」之合成
– 天然成分,高抗氧化
– 益氣補腎,健腦安神
– 清肺去風,護眼養肝


成分: 水,藍莓濃縮液,杞子汁

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Skywow® Blueberry and Goji Berry Juice 80ml (30 Packs)

80ml per pack, 30 packs.
Made in Korea

Good source of anthocyanosides, speed the regeneration of rhodopsin
Natural ingredients, super antioxidant
Good for the health of your kidneys, liver and lungs
Support healthy brain and eye functions

Natural flavours. 

Contains no preservatives, no added sugar, and no colourings.

Ingredients: Purified water, blueberry concentrate and goji berry juice


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