Skywow卓見 印度秘方清血通 Indian Remedy 80ml (30包)


Skywow卓見® 印度秘方清血通®

分量:80ml (30包)

– 改善血液黏度,幫助血管暢通
– 改善微循環,溫暖身體
– 排毒美顏抗衰老
– 印度傳統天然食材秘方


成分: 水,檸檬汁,薑汁,蘋果醋,楓樹糖漿,大蒜濃縮液

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Skywow® CircuACE® Indian Remedy 80ml (30 Packs)

80ml per pack, 30 packs.
Made in Korea

All natural Ingredients
Help improve blood circulation
Detox & anti-aging drink
Traditional Indian natural food formula

Natural flavours. 

Contains no preservatives and no colourings.

Ingredients: purified water, lemon juice, ginger juice, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, garlic concentrate


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