The Maple Treat Pancake Shaker (150g)


加拿大製造的純楓樹糖班㦸粉,成份健康,我們用楓樹糖取代了 精煉白糖,而且糖含量比一般市面出售的少達十倍,加入天然海鹽, 不含任何人造乳化劑、人造色素、人造增味劑和防腐劑。整個製作過程比一般舊式班㦸粉方便衛生,安全簡單。


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Pure Maple Pancake Shaker is imported from Canada that made with premium and natural ingredients but no artificial flavors, artificial color, preservative nor artificial emulsifiers. Just add soy milk/milk to the maple pancake powder bottle, and shake for 3 mins. In seconds you will feel like a top chef making the best pancakes in town.


1. Add milk or soy milk into the bottle. Close tightly.

2. Turn the bottle upside down and shake for 30 seconds.

3. Pour a small amount and pan-fry.

Add a bit of our maple Q syrup on top makes it a perfect snack for everyone!


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