Premium Eczema Cream (60g)
Premium Eczema Cream (60g)
Premium Eczema Cream (60g)

Premium Eczema Cream (60g)

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Hope's relief Premium Eczema Cream - 天然濕疹霜


屢獲殊榮的天然濕疹霜Premium Eczema Cream選擇了五種天然成分,都有協助舒緩發癢的乾燥皮膚,濕疹,牛皮癬和皮炎的症狀。非常適合嬰兒,兒童和成人。可以用在臉,手和身體上。沒有香水,丙二醇,羊毛脂,石蠟,對羥基苯甲酸酯或人造色素。PEC含有300毫克/克天然活性成分。目前一些舒緩濕疹產品只有20-30毫克/克活性成分。

40毫克 - CALENDULA - 防腐,抗炎,抗真菌和協助皮膚修復。

100毫克 - MANUKA HONEY NPA 10+ - 醫院級抗菌 - Hope's Relief使用麥盧卡蜂蜜NPA 10+醫院級別,具有高抗菌活性,消除金黃色葡萄球菌。已顯示金黃色葡萄球菌存在於90%的濕疹患者的皮膚上。此外,滋養和促進組織再生。

100毫克 - 蘆薈維拉 - 抗生素,冷卻和舒緩。它是偉大的癒合植物之一。它深層滲透滋潤和舒緩肌膚。臨床試驗證明了它在清除與銀屑病相關的鱗狀斑中的有效性。

40mg - GOTU KOLA - 研究證明,Gotu Kola刺激組織發育的各個階段。組織修復的第一步,即在潰瘍或潰瘍後更換皮膚的過程。它也被證明可以延長癒合時間並減少疤痕組織的形成。

20mg - LICORICE根 - 甘草被認為是腎上腺興奮劑,是皮質激素的天然來源,是一種類似於可的鬆的激素。研究表明甘草含有抗炎特性,一種天然的可的鬆。

Hope’s Relief Premium Eczema Cream is our #1 formula for the symptomatic relief of Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis skin conditions.

Ideal for babies, children and adults. Can be used on your face, hands and body.

All 5 ingredients have a traditional history of assisting in soothing and calming irritated, itchy dry skin.

Natural Formula - Cortisone Free

No perfume, propylene glycol, lanolin, paraffin, parabens or artificial colours.

Award Winning Natural Eczema Cream

- Soothes itching
- Anti-inflammatory
- Calms dry or irritated skin
- Moisturises + softens dry skin.

Contains 300mg’s/gm of natural active ingredients. Some products currently sold for eczema relief only have 20 - 30mg’s /gm of actives.

40mg - CALENDULA - antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and assisting in skin repair.

100mg - MANUKA HONEY NPA 10+- Hospital Grade antibacterial - Hope’s Relief uses Manuka

Honey NPA 10+ hospital grade with high antibacterial activity eliminating Staphylococcus Aureus. Staphylococcus Aureus has been shown to be present on the skin of 90% of eczema sufferers. Also, nourishes and promotes tissue regrowth.

100mg - ALOE VERA - antibiotic, cooling and soothing. It is one of the great healing plants. It penetrates deeply to moisturize and soothes the skin. Clinical trials have proven its effectiveness in clearing the scaly plaques associated with psoriasis.

40mg - GOTU KOLA - Research has proven Gotu Kola stimulates various stages of tissue development. The first step in tissue repair, the process of replacing skin after sores or ulcers. It has also been shown to increase healing time and reduce scar tissue formation.

20mg - LICORICE ROOT - Licorice is thought to function as an adrenal stimulant and as a natural source of cortin, a hormone similar to cortisone. Studies have shown licorice to contain anti-inflammatory properties, a natural cortisone.