Synext LITE 小綠(輕盈版)
Synext LITE 小綠(輕盈版)

Synext LITE 小綠(輕盈版)

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Synext Lite Introduction
Synext Lite new formula contains ingredients which can supplement NAD+ precursors and remove senescent cells, and are able to further strengthen the key rate-limiting enzyme, NAMPT, in the NAD+ recycling pathway by multiple mechanisms. The activation of NAMPT can sustain healthy NAD+ levels by significantly enhancing the conversion and recycling of NAD+ in the body, therefore producing greater benefits than single NAD+ precursor, which can only temporarily raise NAD+ levels.

Synext Lite Improvements
New delivery system to assist the release of active ingredients, and allow them to achieve the optimal levels in the body, thus producing the maximum synergistic effects.
Optimisation of the formula in order to sustain healthy NAD+ levels in the body.
Enhancement of the abilities to continuously clearing the NAD+ metabolic wastes.
Improved pharmaceutical techniques to increase the density of ingredients and reduce the size of tablet, making them easier to swallow.

Difference between Synext Lite and Synext

  • Synext focuses on raising NAD+ rapidly, with less emphasize on enhancing NAD+ recycling in the body.
  • Synext Lite focuses on boosting the NAD+ recycling in the body in order to sustain the healthy NAD+ levels.
  • Synext Lite is appropriate to be used to maintain the NAD+ levels when the NAD+ levels in the body are already in healthy range.